Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is designed to analyse, present and manage real world spatial or geographic data. Africa Mapping Solutions (AMS) provides accurate spatial information and GIS services in many different ways. Whether GIS services are required for engineering, urban planning, management or personal, AMS has the skills to complete the job.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial analyses are considered to be the core of GIS. Analysis allows for real-world processes to be studied through the development and application of geographical models. Subsequently, these models assist in highlighting underlying trends in the data.


Topology is a measured approach that allows data to be organised based on the principles of feature adjacency and connectivity. It is therefore an accurate method used to define spatial relationships. Without topological data structure, most data manipulation and analysis functions would not be practical or feasible.

Geometric networks

Geometric networks provide a way to model and analyse real world networks as well as infrastructures. For example water distribution, electrical lines, gas pipelines, telephone services, and water flow in a stream.


Hydrological Modeling

Using GIS, AMS can model and analyse terrain and hydrological factors to provide spatial data that other hydrological models without the use of GIS may lack.

Map Overlay

By overlaying features, spatial data can be extracted and used in either vector or raster data analysis. Instead of combining features of multiple datasets, data can be extracted using a "clip" or "mask" to obtain the features of one dataset from another dataset.


Geocoding involves the identification of spatial locations from street addresses, ZIP Codes, parcel lots and other address locations. Conversely, reverse geocoding is used to relate an estimated street address to a given coordinate.

Map production

Map production is the process of showing spatial elements on a physical or digital platform in such a way that the average person can understand what is being presented. Simply, map production is the process of creating maps that convey information visually. AMS can produce custom maps as required for business or personal purposes.


Drafting Urban Design

The process of taking an area and re-imagining it into a new vibrant urban area. Our team is able to redraw, redesign and display urban plans in the most professional manner.


As part of services provided, AMS has also developed GIS training courses aimed at individuals and companies who want to either learn basic GIS skills, or further their existing GIS knowledge.

Currently, AMS offers the following GIS training courses:

Basic GIS Training Course (2 Days) 

Through this course, AMS aims to orientate users with GIS as well as build basic mapping skills using QGIS. Additionally, AMS will also provide a brief overview of other GIS software programmes, as well as advanced services that can be undertaken using GIS. AMS also provides an Advanced GIS Training Course which will focus more on these advanced services.

Advanced GIS Training Course (5 days)

AMS provides this course for users that have experience in GIS but are looking to learn more. The course will cover advanced GIS skills, as well as analytics, Python and other plugins. Once users complete the course, they will be able to tackle any GIS task using the knowledge learned.

More training information and costing is also available on request.

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