Our Services

Cartography (Map Making)

AMS is in the business of designing and producing maps to visually represent spatial data of any kind. Maps can be made for personal or business purposes; on screen or on paper to convey results of analyses to guide decision making and reporting, or printed and framed for sentimental and aesthetic purposes. Any area can be mapped, from a small town to a whole continent, displaying the desired features and elements in the manner of your choosing i.e. a map of South Africa showing the provincial boundaries, main roads and towns, or a topographical map of Table Mountain showing the shape of the land surface with contour lines and vegetation cover.

Spatial Data Analyses

AMS has experience with spatial analyses through the development of predictive models for wildlife movements. AMS can apply spatial analyses to any geographic data in order to add value and support to decisions, or reveal patterns and anomalies within the data in a unique manner. Using spatial analyses, AMS can aid any type of industry or business in representing their spatial data in a way that is useful and informative such as monitoring the population growth or decline within a city, region or continent over a certain period of time.

GIS Consulting

As GIS projects can be overwhelming and confusing, AMS also offers a GIS consulting service. AMS can provide advice and guidance to anyone who has questions on how to use GIS to their advantage and on how to analyse, manipulate and interpret spatial data and maps.

Editing and Topology

AMS specialises in creating, editing and repairing geographic data such as shapefiles and geodatabases. AMS uses topology to edit massive datasets, fix boundary lines and create new features. AMS also has experience using Python to repair data attributes (which is the raw information stored in the geographic data) through batch processing.