Geographic information systems is designed to representing real world spatial or geographic data.  We can provide you with accurate spatial information which is relevant to you in a variety of ways. Whether you need geographic services for engineering, urban planning, management or personal Africa Mapping Solutions has the skills and capabilities you require.

We consider data analyses to be the core of GIS. Our Geographical analysis allows us to study real-world processes by developing and applying models. These models enlighten underlying trends in the geographical data build towards additional information.

Topology is a mathematical approach that allows us to structure data based on the principles of feature adjacency and feature connectivity. It is in fact the mathematical method used to define spatial relationships. Without a topologic data structure in a vector based GIS most data manipulation and analysis functions would not be practical or feasible.

Geometric networks offer a way to model common networks and infrastructures found in the real world. Water distribution, electrical lines, gas pipelines, telephone services, and water flow in a stream are all examples of resource flows that can be modeled and analyzed using a geometric network.

Using GIS, Africa Mapping Solutions can model terrain and analyze hydrological factors to provide spatial data that other hydrological models may lack.

By overlaying features, spatial data can be extracted and used in either vector or raster data analysis. As opposed to combining the properties and features of multiple datasets, using GIS, data can be extracted using a "clip" or "mask" to obtain the features of one data set that fall within the spatial extent of another dataset.

Geocoding is interpolating spatial locations from street addresses, ZIP Codes, parcel lots and other address locations.

Conversely to the above reverse geocoding is used in returning an estimated street address number as it relates to a given coordinate.

Map production is the process of arranging map elements on a sheet of paper or digital platform in a way that, even without many words, the average person can understand what it is all about. AMS can produce custom maps to fit all needs.

The process of taking an area and reimagining it into a new vibrant urban area. Our team is able to redraw, redesign and display urban plans in the most professional manner.


 Africa Mapping Solutions has recently developed new training courses in the use of Geographic Information Systems, (GIS.) These Courses are aimed at all who would like to build onto their knowledge base using GIS.
Currently we offer Basic Training as well as Advanced training.

Basic Training (2 Days) allows users to orientate themselves in the application of GIS as well as basic skills using Quantum GIS.  more training Information is available on request.

Advanced Training ( 5 days)is aimed at users that have had exposure to GIS as well as an understanding of general terminology used in the industry. Advanced GIS covers more analytics using Python as well as freely available plugins. By the end of this course users will be able to tackle any issues faced in GIS using the knowledge they have learned on this 5 day curriculum.

Contact us to find out about our next training session