Africa Mapping Solutions has worked on many different GIS projects utilising and gaining a wide range of skills including the following:

Repairing and editing polygons of U.S.A states

AMS worked closely with a private company in the United States of America fixing zonal datasets for each state within the country. This work involved repairing the zonal boundaries to match the state boundaries, and removing gaps and overlays in the datasets.

Conservation Projects in the Greater Kruger region

AMS have been working with Transfrontier Africa and the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit for the past five years. Together, Transfrontier Africa and AMS have developed and conceptualized some of the anti-poaching methodologies currently used to combat poaching and manage anti-poaching units within the region. One of the main models developed was the Predictive Routine Observation Techniques to Enhance Conservation Tasks (PROTECT) model which is used to predict poaching threat areas based on a number of different variables including rhino movements, bush density, topography, etc. This model assists to ensure anti-poaching teams are deployed within the most at risk areas within the Greater Kruger region.

With Transfrontier Africa, GIS is also used to advise reserve management with regards to animal movements, home ranges, and population densities within the reserve. GIS is also used to plot and monitor alien vegetations occurring within the region as well as measuring the results of multiple mechanisms used to control the growth and spread of the plants.

Fishing analyses on the San Francisco coastline

Since the sustainable utilisation of resources is crucial, AMS has assisted a small fishing company in the United States of America to monitor their fishing intake and the potential impact on marine life within their designated fishing areas. As the dataset provided was limited, AMS was only able to show where their largest amount of fish were caught, as well as which of their fishing areas were potentially damaged by overfishing.

Property valuations in South Africa

AMS has been contracted to use aerial photography to heads-up digitise large informal settlements and Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) housing developments in South Africa. Through this process, AMS standardises and streamlines the valuation fieldwork by categorising each RDP house under the same capture methodology while still correctly capturing each building. This eliminates the amount of ground truthing required for the valuation process. AMS is also contracted to monitor the valuation field employees through the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and GPS cameras which capture the location coordinates of where the photographs are taken.