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Retirement Village

Africa Mapping Solutions was tasked  to conceptualizing and design a retirement village. We designed a village with low income plots ...


Locality maps area a frequent request from business’. Africa Mapping Solutions delivers the highest standard in Mapping for business needs.

Heads Up Digitising

Using The latest in aerial images Africa Mapping Solutions manually drew up George Municipalities  building footprints. This was done for ...

Environmental Management Frameworks

Africa Mapping Solutions has contributed to many Environmental management frameworks.

Custom Mapping

Africa Mapping solutions Does custom wall maps. These are commissioned by general public for presents or decorative purposes.

Animal Home Range Analyses

  Africa Mapping Solutions has become the preferred service provider for Balule Nature Reserve when it comes to doing annual ...

Africa Mapping Solutions – Portfolio

Africa Mapping Solutions was commissioned in 2016 to create a map for schools by Transfrontier Africa. The outline was to create ...